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Aerosports (Glider)

The Jharkhand Flying Institute (Gliding) of Jharkhand State is situated at State Capital Ranchi and the holy city of Deoghar. The Club was established in 1998 at Ranchi and in 2015 at Deoghar, being the most active Gliding Club in the Country. JFI has grown to be a close knit institution with emphasis on Cross-Country flying and a strong social group of friends, Gliding enthusiastic, the group of aviators from young and old, male and female. Gliding is truly a sport for all.

We invite you to join us for an Air Experience Flight at Deoghar Airfield any day throughout the year, round the weather permitting. Your joy flight will take place in one of our club's two seat gliders, and will last up to the individual desire. Our pilot will fly the take-off and landing, and your passenger is welcome to have a go at the controls in between, or just relax and enjoy the view of holy city nearby sightseeing and view of Lord Shiva (Baba Baidyanath). Additionally we provide full time GPL course to build the carrier as Glider Pilot and provide hobby training for interested hobby flyers.

Should you wish to make a booking for a joyflight/training flight/hobby flight please email:- govtflyops@gmail.com  or contact on Phone No.9931506630.

Electronic Transfer:- The fees for joyflight/training flight/hobby flight may be paid to the account department at Deoghar Airfield in cash of through online transfer at Civil Aviation Department, Govt. of Jharkhand.

Bank Name-SBI, Dhurwa, Ranchi

IFS Code-SBIN0000207

A/c No.-35890236350

It costs just Rs. 300.00 for 10 minutes flight on gliders and Rs. 800.00 on Motor Gliders, during which you will experience the thrill of silent flight, soaring like an eagle with experience of motored sailplanes, and if lucky, you can even spot one.

The maximum permitted safe weight on any glider seat is 110 kg. Passengers over 100kg can only be flown with our lighter instructors to avoid exceeding the maximum combined cockpit load. If you are over 100kg please advice your weight when booking your flight so we can ensure a suitable instructor is present.

Pilot on the Deoghar airfield telephone (9931506630) after 7:00 AM on all the days of week and also public holidays.

Terms and Conditions

    The passenger must be prepared and able to sign a mandatory health declaration and INDEMNITY BOND;
    Passengers under 18 years of age require signed parental consent prior to flying;
    No refunds are available;
    Time extensions over 10 minutes are charged at Rs. 30.00 per minute for Gliders/Rs. 80.00 per minute for Motor Gliders for up to one hour for the entire flight only;
    Please note that due to constraints on flying days, extensions in flight time may not be available, however we are also unable to accept extensions in advance;
    Should an Air Experience or joyflight passenger choose to undertake an additional flight within 7 days of the initial flight with the intent of joining JFI, the additional flight will be charged at JFI member rates.

Hot Air Balloon Show

You can have an amazing experience of the hot air balloon adventure sport that is among the oldest successful technology of human-carrying flight. If you want to observe the gorgeousness of the nature from the sky, this activity is waiting for you. Experts offer you proper training before the take off of your flight.

Water Sports, Giridih

Around 8 km North-East of Giridih, this water reservoir is among the best sports providing you water related adventure sports and bird-watching activities. You can get an amazing panoramic view of Khandoli site from a watch tower and 600 feet high hillock. You can get the adventure of elephant and Camel Safari and many other amusement facilities like Boating, Rock-climbing, Parasailing and Kayaking.

Parasailing Training

Giridih offers a remarkable space for an exciting aero sport parasailing, in which you will be sailing in the air up to an altitude of 300 feet through a half cut orange shaped parachute called 'Parasail' that is dragged through a rope linked to a jeep on land or by a motorboat above water. You will be having a thrilling and exciting experience at this height in the absence of any engine, sound or pilot